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Annie – Taking a pause from C-12 Dance Theatre



Taking a pause…….

As of Monday 17th October 2016, Annie-Lunnette Deakin-Foster will be taking a pause from her role as Artistic Director of C-12 Dance Theatre to focus on personal creative development as a dance maker, choreographer and movement specialist.

The running of C-12 will be placed in the very capable hands of Creative Producer Adam Towndrow, who will provide a strong focus on C-12s education and accessibility programs, through the company’s continued ambitious engagement projects, workshops and production platforms.

Since co-founding the organization in 2005, Annie has been in charge of organizational planning, human resources, accounting, production concept and creation and funding grant applications, as well as being a choreographer, rehearsal director, teacher and performer!

“These past 11 years have been a marvelous and wonderful experience of personal and professional growth.  This is not the end, but the beginning of a new period of artistic reflection and creative growth.  I look forward to new horizons, opportunities and experiences, and am excited about where this adventurous new chapter may take me”

Annie’s first stop on this new journey sees her working alongside Emma Rice at The Shakespeare’s Globe for the Winter Season 2016-17 as Associate Choreographer for the production of A Little Match Girl and Other Happier Tales.

To find out more about what Annie-Lunnette is up to, please visit her website

 Looking forward…..a note from Adam

“On behalf of C-12 Dance Theatre I would like to wish Annie well, as she takes a pause from the company to spend some time focusing on developing, innovating and exploring a new chapter of her professional career in the arts.

We are her no. 1 fan, because of her attention to detail, dedication, ability, choreographic and movement talent, but it is the sheer bloody mindedness to get the very best out of the performers, the company and a production which will always be an inspiration to those who are lucky enough work with her.

This is not the end, but the beginning of a new chapter for Annie and C-12 Dance Theatre.”