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C-12 Wins Award



We are delighted to let you know that we won the Organisation Impact Award at the Dance London Inspire Awards at Conway Halls last week.

Organisation Impact Award:


Companies/Individuals who have been supporting, inspiring and making an impact on the community through dance. Creating a sense of belonging through their professional and active state of mind.


Nominated in August, we were shortlisted in October. Adam was interviewed by the Awards team, the footage was taken to the judges (Farooq Chaudhry, Del Mak and Zoe Jackson) to decide.


Sitting nervously around the table of choreographers, companies, dancers and a packed Conway Hall, our category was next……The nominee’s were announced with an edited version of their interviews, Farooq stressed how hard this category was, in fact the hardest decision on the night.


And the winner is…..C-12 Dance Theatre.


Annie and Adam both feel that it is amazing to be recognised. The amount of time and the amount of your life that you dedicate to the career of dance, is tough, so this provides a welcome celebration and opportunity to dress up and let the hair out and down!