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Job Vacancy – Writer/Script Writer


Job Vacancy: ‘Writer/Script Writer’
• Contract Type: Part-time
• Application Opening Date: Tues 10th February 2015
• Closing Date: Monday 23rd February 2015
• Start Date: Week beginning 2nd March 2015
• Rate of Pay: £100 x 5 days
• Project Dates: Week Commencing 2nd March through to 11th April. Dates are flexible at present but applicant must be available to attend on 11th April 2015.

C-12 Dance Theatre are looking to recruit a talented Script Writer to work alongside C-12 Directors to create an engaging/stimulating coherent narrative for our new project: Sherlock.

Company Background: C-12 Dance Theatre creates original, emotionally driven, accessible, and highly charged contemporary dance theatre experiences that aim to engage, educate, challenge and entertain audiences of all ages. Our work can be found in outdoor festivals, traditional theatres and community spaces.

Sherlock Project: This project is a 10-15 minute practical & theoretical presentation exploring the use of movement with technology through an immersive theatrical experience based on a Sherlock Holmes story.

There are 2 phases that should be explored within this period of employment. Phase 1 is to create a storyboard, & collaborate with the creative team, on a short, 10 minute, research & development practical performance presentation that is taken (in part) from one of the Sherlock Holmes stories.

The second phase is to create an outline of a storyboard of the full version of the same Sherlock Holmes story. The applicant should have knowledge of Arthur Conan-Doyle’s work, particularly The Death of Sherlock Holmes and The Empty House.

The suitable candidate should match the following criteria:
• Previous writing experience
• Creative/Artistic Flair
• Passionate about dance, drama and captivating audiences
• High standard of English, literary skills & detail
• Able to create story boards, using text/images
• Efficient communication and collaborative skills
• Knowledge of immersive theatre & Sherlock Holmes stories

If you would like to apply for this role or require further information please send a CV and cover letter stating why you would be suitable for the position by Monday 23rd February at 5pm through to Adam Towndrow (C-12 Producer) at

Successful candidates will be invited to an interview on 25th February 2015.