2017 – News
Whats's happening in 2017?

C-12 Dance Theatre "Watson" © Daniel D. Moses

Well, C- 12 Dance Theatre will be looking to put the wheels in motion to create Watson, ready for 2018.  For those who haven't seen the R&D video, or would like more information, copy and paste the following http://www.c-12dancetheatre.com/productions/watson/ ballet The Ballet and Creative classes at Chats Palace (Homerton) and Boiler House (Stoke Newington), will be continuing as ever. As our classes get bigger and bigger, our aim is to provide continued movement engagement from ages 2.5 - 19, so far our weekly classes have engaged those up to 10 year olds, with annual independent projects supported by Hackney Council supporting those 13 - 19. Our objective is for C-12 to be the first encounter children get of movement. Providing children professional, friendly and supportive advice and classes, to be able to grow creatively within a safe environment. Mini Fest 2014 copyright Tricia de Courcy Ling (5 of 10) Touring life: Market Stall & Trolleys will be back with a bang! Information on Market Stall will be found here: http://www.c-12dancetheatre.com/productions/market-stall/ Information on Trolleys can be found here: http://www.c-12dancetheatre.com/productions/trolleys/ Trolleys