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This powerful emotive journey of one man dealing with his burden is a theatrical and moving physical story. Using contemporary physical theatre and striking lighting design, this duet was created to represent the physical and emotional struggle of loss.

Premiering at Stratford Circus, it went on to be presented as part of Dance Umbrella’s Brief Encounter, 2008.


"ONE by C-12 Dance Theatre's Adam Towndrow, was a strikingly dramatic abstraction on the bonds and burdens of being alive. Featuring performances of commendable muscularity and emotional commitment from Nasae Evanson and Tony Adigun, it's bold conception and design kept pretentiousness at bay." Donald Hutera

“This was a powerful work by two strong dancers (Nasae Evanson and Tony Adigun) which had some considerable impact over its short journey. On the strength of this brief acquaintance, which banished the blues of the day, I heartily recommend keeping an eye on C-12 Dance Theatre.” Graham Watts, Ballet Magazine

Choreographed by Adam Towndrow
Assistant Choreographer Annie-Lunnette Deakin-Foster
Performed by C-12 Dance Theatre
Lighting Design by Mikkel Svak
Music edited by Kweku Aacht
Length: 15 minutes
Scale: Small-Mid
Status: Available