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Secret Encountersproductions

Secret Encounters

Touring in 2017

Touring in 2017

Risk, innovation, challenging audiences and engaging new audiences, is at the heart of Secret Encounters. 

Secret Encounters is a series of 4 short duet performances designed to engage unexpected audiences at unexpected times at unexpected locations, created by award winning and cultural diverse choreographers.

There are 4 short movement experiences, created by 4 choreographers, and are performed twice each per performance day.  The 8 performances can be located at 8 different spaces over the festival.  The duets are highly physical, accessible and contemporary, that will make audiences think, feel, move and laugh.

Each duet is capable to perform on any surface, large or confined spaces, set within both rural, street and urban settings.  With no audience barriers, music or public/programme announcementSecret Encounters appear and disappear in amongst the public.

Secret Encounters is billed in the programme as ‘secret performances’, ‘catch them if you can’, ‘discover new areas the festival’. Times and specific locations won’t be mentioned, but could hinted at, challenging audiences perception of what is real life and what is performance. 

For programming in-between billed performances or set in more general public or unused festival areas to engage the unexpected.


Annie-Lunnette Deakin-Foster: Associate Choreographer at The Globe, finalist of the New Adventures Choreographer Award, a BENCH 2016 Fellow and rehearsal director for the award winning Trolleys.

Tony Adigun: Artistic Director at Avant Garde, choreographed Vision: scalada for Cirque du soleil, Creative Director of Got To Dance (Sky one), Associate Choreographer at The Place (London).

Corey Baker: New Zealand choreographer with exception performance CV including Matthew Bourne, Ballet Boys and Shaun Parker (who created Trolleys). Choreographed Phone Box, Headphones, Haka Day Out.

Sally Marie: Award winning choreographer and performer. Won the New Adventure Choreographer Award. Best Dance Production nominee from Welsh Theatre Awards.

  • Imagine Festival, Watford

    June 24th & June 25th
  • GDIF, London

    July 1st
  • Dance Days, Swansea

    July 8th & July 9th
  • Dancin' Oxford

    July 15th
  • bOing Festival, Kent

    Aug 21st, 22nd, 23rd & 24th
  • Appetite Festival, Stoke

    Aug 25th & 26th
  • DNweekeND, Doncaster

    Sept 9th