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A magical accessible full length contemporary dance theatre production set in a fictional library that is facing immanent closure.  With famous books coming to life, the community come together to save it. Projection by Arnim Friess, original music composition by award winning Jamie Salisbury and choreography by Annie-Lunnette Deakin-Foster,  Shhh! is a feel good show, full of imagination for all the family and dance theatre lovers.

Choreographed by Artistic Director of C-12 Dance Theatre, East London. Original and specially commissioned music composed and produced by award winning Film and TV composer Jamie Salisbury. Projection and Lighting Design Arnim Friss for Pixelbox. Executive Producer Adam Towndrow of Welwyn Garden City. Shhh! is produced by C-12 Dance Theatre, ARC, Stockton, Hawthorne Theatre, funded by Arts Council, Hawthorne Theatre, ARC, Stockton and C-12 Dance Theatre, additional support from The Albany and Dance Digital.


Autumn 2015 Touring: Dance City, mac birmingham & New Wolsey

Spring 2016 Touring: Norwich Playhouse, The Woodville, Circo Media, Herts University and Winchester Theatre Royal


The show: Shhh! is really quite charming. Elise Nuding – Cloud Dance Festival

The company: One thing I admire about C-12 is how accessible it is; the company’s work is. It’s possible that by its very existence Shhh! is underlining the value of libraries in an era when too many are being closed down. Donald Hutera – LondonDance.com

The Music: The impressive score drives both the narrative of the work and the emotional trajectories of the characters. Elise Nuding – Cloud Dance Festival

The Cast: They were excellent, engaging us with facial expressions as well as fluid and energetic moves, creating a real sense of character. The dancers were quite acrobatic at times and yet landed on their feet with barely a sound – amazing control and core strength. Jane Wing – The Campus

The Choreography: The choreography was fantastic, and the use of props and scenery intertwined with the choreography was very entertaining. Jane Wing – The Campus

Very well choreographed and very well done by the talented cast. Kim Miray Cutbill – The Campus

This is very much an ensemble piece, and credit to Deakin-Foster for allowing the spotlight to fall so evenly on each cast member. Her skill in staging the show is plain, abetted by a nicely varied and frequently percolating commissioned score from the film and television composer Jamie Salisbury. Donald Hutera – LondonDance.com

Recommend it? This would be a good show to watch if you are studying contemporary dance and want to see great dancers making difficult moves look easy. Jane Wing – The Campus

Would recommend it to everybody Kim Miray Cutbill – The Campus
  • Norwich Playhouse

    29th March
    Approx £12
  • The Woodville

    30th March
    Approx £12
  • Circo Media

    1st April
    Approx £12
  • UH Arts, Hertfordshire University

    2nd April
    Approx £12
  • Winchester Theatre Royal

    5th April
    Approx £12
Choreographed by Annie-Lunnette Deakin-Foster
Executive Producer Adam Towndrow Music Produced and Arranged by Jamie Salisbury