Website Launch:

Website Launch:


We are delighted to introduce to you the Ballet For Kids website, where parents are able to check out term details, read about our ethos, and more importantly, able to book classes online. This will allow C-12 to promote exclusively on the creative ambitions of the company and provide a web platform for Ballet For Kids to inform, promote and expand.

Ballet For Kids has seen significant progress since its creation in 2012.  With a Levels system in place, there is now a consistent experience within the classes at each venue. When the classes first opened at Chats Palace, 3 classes on the opening Saturday was attended by 4 children. Last term averaged 75 children over 4 classes every Saturday.

The Mission: To increase participation for children in dance. Provide children with high quality, safe, affordable, friendly and encouraging ballet and creative dance classes. Ballet For Kids strives to be the first dance experience for children, hoping that with a fun, creative and supportive environment, the children will associate dance as a career, as a necessity and as something for everyone.

Thanks for reading. More exciting things to announce soon.